Welcome to Flogard Systems Ltd.
Welcome to Flogard Systems Ltd.
Flogard Systems Ltd aims to provide all current and potential clients with the best available filtration technology from all over the world to solve all purification problems in a professional, technologically sound and commercially viable way!

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Flogard Systems company's skilled staff of engineers and sales engineers can service your filtration needs with just-in-time delivery, local dedicated stock and the technical assistance to size new systems and upgrade existing filtration with the best filtration solutions.

Flogard offer filtration solutions from basic filtration to absolute submicron filtration and everything in between.

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TOPLINE™ Filter Housings
The best filter housing for the most demanding applications.

  • TOPLINE is the finest single bag filter housing available. From itshigh-performance design to its heavy duty investment-castcomponents, everything about TOPLINE is simply the best.

  • TOPLINE's side inlet, flow through the top design results in aminimum headroom of unfiltered liquid for easy bag change-out, aswell as providing optimum sealing of the filter bag.

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The user friendly, perfect sealing bag filter housing for safe filtration and minimized product loss. Ideal for long term process runs, which demand the highest quality of filtration.

Flat-lid design removes the requirement for additional sealing devices.In conjunction with HAYWARD® SENTINEL® filter bags, efficiencies of >99.98% can be achieved – true absolute filtration.

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DUOLINE™ Filter Housings
Duplex units for continuous filtration processes.

The DUOLINE bag filter system consists of two bag filterhousings (SIDELINE or TOPLINE) fitted together at the inletand outlet by 3-way cook valve units.

Both cook valves are connected together by a center post actuator in order to guaranteea synchronised change from filter A to filter B.

A quickturn of the actuator diverts the flow from one filter housing to the other. The filtration process runs continuously during bagchange-outs.


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