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The user friendly, perfect sealing bag filter housing for safe filtration and minimized product loss. Ideal for long term process runs, which demand the highest quality of filtration.

Flat-lid design removes the requirement for additional sealing devices.In conjunction with HAYWARD® SENTINEL® filter bags, efficiencies of >99.98% can be achieved – true absolute filtration.

 Under pressure,the unique pressure activated lip of each SENTINEL ring sealsdirectly against the lid providing perfect, by-pass free sealing.

The flat-lid construction also minimises the amount of residualproduct left on the inner surface of the lid when opening, this reducesproduct loss, possibility of spillage and makes cleaning easier.

  1. Direct feeding of filter bags via individual inlets generates a laminar flow, this ensures optimal cake formation to further improve filtration performance.

  2. The bag filter housing is designed with a proven swing eye-bolt closure mechanism.

  3. A counter-balanced spring assisted lid-lifter balances the lid perfectly giving it a weightless feel. Opening and closing of the lid with the "little finger" is a reality.

  4. Side inlet and bottom outlet provides easy and full drainage, tangential outlet option available to reduce housing height.

  5. Product wetted parts made from stabilized stainless steel guaranteehigh corrosion resistance with many fluids.

  6. 2 standard 4 bag housing designs available (size 01 and 02).

These value added features:

  • Standard design with swing eye-bolts and
    spring lid-lifter

  • Simple, safe and effective bag sealing via
    flat-lid design

  • Fluid distribution via individual inlets per bag

Gives these benefits:

  • Proven design, robust and reliable, easy to use
  • Likelihood of faulty batches resulting from poor
    bag sealing or cross contamination are
    eliminated, easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Laminar flow optimises cake formation

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