filtration solutions

Our goal is to provide the best available, high-end filtration solutions. 

We want to help all of our customers meet purification challenges in a professional and accurate way. 

Choose Flogard for your key filtration solutions.

effective replacement filters

Flogard Systems offer a complete filtration, separation and purification service. This ranges from the delivery of a single, cost-effective replacement filter to a fully integrated design.

Our services cover the manufacturing process through to installation of the turnkey purification system.


Complete Filtration Service

Flogard provide a complete filtration service. We ensure that our clients receive the best standard of products and services. Our company supports market leading manufacturers in filtration. Flogard’s complete filtration service is backed by extensive industry experience. We’re sure to find the best solution for your needs.


Why Choose Flogard Systems?

We offer efficient delivery, local stock and full technical support. We’re able to size new systems and improve current filtration with the best filtration solutions. Flogard Systems’ highly skilled group of engineers will handle every aspect of your filtration needs.

We deal with a range of businesses across many sectors and offer comprehensive support to our clients. Flogard strive to always achieve the best results. The sectors we’re involved with include:

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Contact our skilled team for all your filtration requirements. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our products and services.