Flogard Systems supply an extensive range of air filtration options tailored to your specific requirements. These include primary filters and HEPA filters. Take a look below to find your perfect filter, and don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team if you have any questions.

Primary Filters and Pre Filter Panels

Primary filters usually have a pleated panel design. A wire mesh holds the pleated fibre media in place. The pleats allow these filters to catch more dust (down to 4 or 5 microns). Because of this, these filters have a longer lifespan. 

This design also helps prevent dust from sticking to the cooling coil, fan, and motor in the AHU and to the inside of the ductwork. Dust build-up on these elements can present a fire hazard and reduce energy efficiency. Having a good primary filter will help protect the other more expensive filters in your AHU, such as the secondary filters.

We offer a full range of such filters in various formats – standard-size panels, non-standard sizes, and high-volume panels. Frame materials include standard card, beverage board, and metal.

Air filter pink on white background
Fabric strainer filter

Secondary Filters and Bag Filters

Secondary filters are typically bag filters made of synthetic material. The bag extends backwards as it inflates, giving it a large surface area to catch pollen, bacteria and smaller particles of dust. Look for synthetic media in these bag filters rather than glass fibre media. 

Glass fibre media can be shed from this type of filter and potentially get into food. Synthetic filter media, on the other hand, is shatter-proof, environmentally harmless and performs just as well as glass fibre media.

We offer a complete range of bag filters varying in size, pocket numbers, depth and header sizes.

HEPA Filters and Final Filters

HEPA filters at the final stage of filtration are for those applications that need a higher level of contamination control. They comprise a galvanised steel frame with side handles for ease of handling.

The media is water-repellent matted micro-fibre. The fibre media is capable of trapping very small particulate contaminants from an air stream.

Metal strainer unit

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