Eaton Filtration Solutions

Eaton is a leader in liquid filtration. Their superior filtration solutions help customers create clean and pure products across a diverse range of industries.

These are innovative solutions for industrial, hydraulic and life science filtration purposes.  Flogard is proud to stock Eaton strainers and bags. These high-quality systems are suitable for a range of applications.

Eaton Strainers

Single bag filter housings range from high-quality housings built specifically for cost-sensitive applications to those appropriate for stringent, absolute filtration applications and everything in between.

Multi-bag filter housings, which can hold up to 24 individual filter bags and allow for flow rates of up to 960 m3, come in a variety of styles. We can adjust standard designs to local standards thanks to our production facilities around the world.

Eaton offers a comprehensive selection of filter bags, with over 1500 options ranging from cost-effective sewed bags for ordinary applications to welded, multi-layered bags for more demanding applications.

Filter Bags

Eaton provides performance products for both basic and complicated applications, ranging from multilayer construction, pleated extended surfaces, and fully welded seams to innovative sealing technology.

Eaton's comprehensive line of single- and multi-bag filter housings and filter bags are utilised in a number of sectors and are engineered to fulfil the most stringent requirements. Bag filtration systems from Eaton ensure customers are satisfied, offering efficiency, safety, simplicity, and value all around the world.

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