Air Filtration Media

We offer a range of air filtration media including pads, rolls and refills.

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Air Filtration Media



This includes Glass and Synthetic filter media for HVAC systems, spray booth deckheads, and exhaust applications.

This media is available in bulk rolls or pads for use in re-loadable frames. It can also be cut to your specific requirements, and is available as roll filter refills.


Glass Media – The media is manufactured from continuous monofilament glass fibre bonded with a thermosetting resin. The pattern of the fibres is designed to give the lowest air resistance whilst offering the highest dust holding capacity.

Synthetic Media – Consists of 100% Polyester fibres, which are thermally bonded for optimum filtration efficiency and to avoid fibre shedding.


Available in a wide range of media types and thickness. These can be supplied as pads or as refills to fit all makes of roll filters.

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