Eaton LOFPLEAT HF High Flow Filter Cartridge, LPHF-20-1-E, Pleated, Polypropylene, 1.0 µm, 20″, EPDM O-rings

LOFPLEAT-HF cartridges are designed with pleated media construction to provide high total surface area. A single LPHF cartridge can replace several standard cartridge elements. High-flow capacity in a single cartridge leads to quicker and easier changeouts. Unlike standard design cartridges, the flow is inside out. The result is higher debris-holding capacity.

LOFPLEAT-HF from Eaton can be used in a variety of applications where high flow capacity is required including food and beverage, chemical and water systems



  • Higher flow capacity reduces required number of cartridges
  • Lower initial costs with smaller filter housing
  • Less labor required for changeouts
  • Available with absolute rated media at 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 μm retention levels
  • Inside-out flow for greater dirt holding capacity
  • Capable of flow rates up to 1,893 l/min in a single 60″ length
  • Can be retrofitted in most competitive high-flow housings
  • FDA lilsted (U.S. CFR, Title 21) materials of construction for food and beverage contact
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